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Open Tuesday - Sunday | Cooking Classes | Cocktail Classes | Mini Chef Clubs

Small Batch Cocktail Rimmer


Whether you're shaking up classic cocktails or crafting innovative concoctions of your own, Bee Savvy rimmers are the perfect companion for your mixology adventures. Our versatile blends can be used to rim glasses, garnish drinks, or even add a flavorful twist to culinary creations, allowing you to unleash your creativity behind the bar.

Tropical Tango - Embrace the spirit of the tropics with our Tropical Tango Rimmer and elevate your cocktails to new heights of flavor and flair. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a tropical-themed soirée, this delightful blend is sure to impress your guests and transport them to a sun-kissed paradise with every sip

Herb Garden - From fragrant basil and earthy rosemary to zesty mint and robust thyme, every herb is hand-selected for its exceptional flavor and aroma, resulting in a rimmer that captures the essence of a sun-drenched herb garden. Elevate your cocktail experience by trying our Herb Garden Rimmer with classics like the basil gimlet, mint julep, rosemary gin fizz, or a thyme paloma. With its versatile herbal profile, the options are endless for creating delightful and refreshing drinks that embody the spirit of a flourishing garden. 

Jalapeno Margarita - Indulge in the fiery allure of our Jalapeno Margarita Rimmer, a tantalizing blend crafted to ignite your taste buds with a spicy kick. Each grain is meticulously infused with the bold heat of jalapeno peppers, balanced with a hint of citrus zest and a touch of sea salt.

Espresso Buzzin' - Crafted from premium espresso beans, rich cocoa powder, and sugar, this rimmer delivers a bold burst of flavor that awakens the senses and energizes the spirit. Whether rimming the glass of a classic espresso martini or enhancing the depth of a creamy cocktail creation, the Espresso Buzzin' Rimmer promises to elevate your libations with its robust and aromatic profile.

Smokeshow Caesar - Ignite your taste buds with the sultry allure of our Smokeshow Caesar Rimmer, a bold blend inspired by the classic Canadian cocktail. Infused with smoky paprika, savory celery salt, and a hint of fiery chili flakes, this rimmer adds depth and complexity to every sip, evoking the smoky essence of a backyard barbecue. Whether garnishing a traditional Caesar or elevating a creative cocktail creation, the Smokeshow Caesar Rimmer promises to captivate your palate with its smoldering flavor profile and irresistible charm.