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Open Tuesday - Sunday | Cooking Classes | Cocktail Classes | Mini Chef Clubs

Arnprior Artisanal Affair Gift Box

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Immerse yourself in the essence of Arnprior's local charm and culinary craftsmanship with our "Arnprior Artisanal Affair" Gift Box. Each hand-selected item in this box hails from the heart of our beloved town, showcasing the unique flavors and talents that define our community. Unwrap a taste of home with these thoughtfully curated treasures:

  1. Hawaiian Cookout Spice Blend: Experience the flavors of the islands infused with Arnprior flair, a testament to our town's culinary creativity and passion for bold, vibrant tastes.

  2. Smokeshow Caesar Rimmer: Crafted with care by local artisans, this smoky Caesar Rimmer adds a touch of Arnprior's signature smoldering essence to your favorite cocktails, elevating your drinking experience with every sip.

  3. 500g Plain Honey: Straight from the hives nestled in Arnprior's verdant landscapes, this pure honey embodies the sweetness of our town's natural beauty and the diligent work of our local beekeepers.

  4. Lotion Bar: Indulge in the luxurious comfort of Arnprior's own skincare artisans, whose meticulously crafted lotion bar nourishes and hydrates your skin with the essence of our town's gentle touch.

  5. Smoked Truffle Sea Salt: Elevate your culinary creations with the sophisticated flavors of Arnprior's smoked truffle sea salt, a gourmet delicacy that reflects the refined tastes and culinary expertise of our local producers.

  6. 300g Whole Bean Light Roast Coffee by Snark & Bee Savvy: Start your day right with a cup of Arnprior's finest brew, sourced and roasted with precision by Snark & Bee Savvy, capturing the essence of our town's vibrant energy and bustling spirit.

  7. Honey Brown Ale by Cold Bear Brew Co: Toast to the flavors of Arnprior with a cold glass of Honey Brown Ale from Cold Bear Brew Co., a refreshing testament to our town's thriving craft beer scene and commitment to quality brewing.

Embrace the spirit of Arnprior's artisanal ingenuity and culinary excellence with our "Arnprior Artisanal Affair" Gift Box, a celebration of local flavors, talents, and traditions that capture the essence of our beloved community in every delectable bite and sip.

Delivery - Due to high demand, these gift boxes will ship by April 7th.