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Open Tuesday - Sunday | Cooking Classes | Cocktail Classes | Mini Chef Clubs
Open Tuesday - Sunday | Cooking Classes | Cocktail Classes | Mini Chef Clubs

FAQ - Dine Among the Vines

Why can’t I buy an individual tickets? 

Our favourite part of last year’s event was making new friends at our long harvest tables. Due to covid restrictions and the space of the tent, we are unable to have tables for 2-4, while also keeping 8 feet of space between guests. We decided having tables of 6-8 of your social circle was the only way we could responsibly operate Dine Among the Vines. 

Why are you hosting both a brunch and a dinner? 

Last year’s event sold out in 36 hours and we wanted to ensure we could host the same number of guests, while creating a safe environment for our staff and guests. 

Do I need to wear a mask? 

We ask that anytime you are using an indoor facility or unable to maintain 6-foot distancing to please wear a mask. The event is held outdoors and we have the tables spaced 8 feet apart. Our staff will be wearing masks when serving food and drink. 

What if I experience symptoms prior to the event? 

We ask that our guests work with us to maintain the safety and security both of our staff and of the other guests. If you are feeling ill or experience any symptoms please contact us 

Does my ticket include beverages? 

This year wine is included for the event. This is to reduce the interaction with people outside of your social bubble. Because of this opportunity to consume more than one glass of wine, we ask that you arrange a designated driver. Driving intoxicated is not tolerated. 

Sanitation Measures 

We have secured additional outdoor toilets, multiple washing and sanitation stations. If you have prefered measures or products you'd like to use, feel free to bring them. 

What happens if there is a second wave? 

In the event of further lockdown restrictions we will offer reimbursement of tickets, but we will strive to reschedule an alternative date – giving you the option. 

Have more questions? 

Please reach out to Alicia or Matthew Ott on how we can make your experience safe and enjoyable at