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Open Tuesday - Sunday | Cooking Classes | Cocktail Classes | Mini Chef Clubs

5-Pin Founders Club


Join the Transformation, Shape the Future: Steelheads & Strikes’ 5-Pin Founders Club 

At the heart of Arnprior's vibrant community beats the rhythmic excitement of bowling - a cherished tradition that's about to get a spectacular revival!

The Steelheads and Strikes’ 5-Pin Founders Club invites you to become a visionary partner in our thrilling renovation project. By investing in this endeavor, you're not only building the future of entertainment and socialization in our town, but also ensuring it's around for generations to come. 

Leave Your Legacy, Make an Impact: 

Imagine strolling into the revamped Steelheads and Strikes, and there it is… your name - or your company's name - displayed proudly on a classic bowling banner, above the gorgeous, gleaming bar, made from the original 100 year old reclaimed bowling lanes. Your mark will be forever etched into the fabric of this cherished space, showcasing your commitment to fostering community and helping to revive a historic landmark. 

Perks That Delight, Benefits That Last: 

By joining our 5-Pin Founders Club, you're not just an investor – you're a VIP. As a gesture of our immense gratitude, we're rolling out a lineup of exclusive benefits that'll have you striking pins and savoring victories like never before: 

A Grand Vision, A Grand Party: As a distinguished member of the 5-Pin Founders Club, you'll be at the forefront of our grand unveiling. Your club ID is your VIP access to the exclusive Grand Opening Party at the end of November (when filming has wrapped) for an unforgettable night of celebration and the joyous clatter of pins falling and founders laughing.  

🎩 10% Off Pro-Shop for Life: Unleash your inner bowling pro with a lifelong discount on our pro-shop's already affordably priced gear and accessories. Elevate your game and show off your unbeatable style, both on and off the lanes. 

🎳 Priority Placing in Leagues: Take your bowling journey to new heights with priority placement in our thrilling leagues. Whether you're seasoned bowler or a beginner just finding your stride, this is your ticket to an incredible league experience. Various leagues will be set for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. 

🎉 First Dibs on Special Events: We know you're the VIP and we'll treat you like one. Signature Axe Throwing Tournament? You get first dibs. Charity Casino Night? You got the tickets before Susan did. Fashion show being held on the bowling alley lanes? You'll be in the front row, because you knew about it before anyone else.

🧢 Signature Founders Mesh Ball Cap: What is it about the simple joy a limited run, mesh back cap provides? We don't understand it either, but we love it and we're here for it. Our local business neighbours have been setting the bar high in this style, so you know we're going to step up and bring something stellar!

👕 Personalized Bowling Shirt: Suit up in style with your choice of a personalized new-school or old-school bowling shirt. Flaunt your flair and add a dash of panache every time you step onto the bowling deck. 

🍻 Six-Pack of Steelheads & Strikes Brews: Celebrate your victories with a taste of excellently brewed local beer. Savor a specialty six-pack of our custom Steelheads & Strikes brews, each sip a testament to your integral role in our community's transformation. 

🎉 25% Off a ONE Spectacular Party EVERY Year: Embrace the joy of hosting unforgettable gatherings by enjoying an exclusive 25% discount on a D-I-Y birthday party or D-I-Y private event each year. Your friends and loved ones will revel in a celebration that's as special as your commitment. Use your party for reunions, corporate team building, graduations, or even just a way to save a rainy holiday weekend. 

Act Now, Be a Founding Force: 

This is your moment to be part of something extraordinary – to help propel the Steelheads and Strikes into a thrilling new era while solidifying your place in its illustrious history. But time is of the essence! Your investment will leave a lasting mark on our community, and ensure we pull off the best possible results. The rewards will keep rolling in for years to come. Join us in this exhilarating journey today!