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Why Body Scrubs are what have been missing from your skincare regimen

Why Body Scrubs are what have been missing from your skincare regimen

Taking the step towards a greener beauty regimen is an important want, but can be a bit overwhelming as well. However, taking small steps and making gradual changes can make the process that much simpler. At Bee Savvy Honey, we have a range of products that will do wonders for the overall appearance and health of your skin while helping you stick to your green beauty mission! Our body scrubs make it super easy to swap out if you’re looking for greener alternatives; you’ll love how your skin feels, smells and looks after using it! If you aren’t quite sold on body scrubs yet, here are a few reasons why your skin will smile once you include it in your regimen.

If you aren’t big on skincare, then you might not know what exfoliating means but it basically is the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. These dead skin cells can give your skin a dull, dry appearance so it is important to implement and exfoliator to help get those cells out of there. There are two types of exfoliators: chemical and physical. Body scrubs are physical exfoliators and our Honey Body scrub utilizes natural ingredients like sugar and salt to help slough away at dead skin, revealing beautiful, glowing skin below. After using a body scrub, your skin will be softer, brighter and healthier! A big bonus is that the addition of honey means that your skin will be hydrated as well, since honey helps improve skin hydration.

Exfoliating also helps those who are experiencing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sunspots and other forms of discoloration on the skin. If you are hoping for more even toned skin, many find that exfoliators are incredibly effective at this. Scrubs also prime your skin to receive moisture and hydration better! By removing the dead skins cells and making way for new ones, you skin will be able to welcome hydration. Even better news? As we touched on before, honey is humectant, which means that the hydration effect is amplified by using a body scrub which includes honey.

For those who have been afflicted with skin woes, particular as it relates to texture and tone, a body scrub is usually the missing ingredient in their regimen. But the benefits don’t just stop there! Body scrubs can actually help you prevent skin concerns like body acne! Many don’t know that dead skin cells buildup can actually clog your pores. And we all know what happens when pores get clogged—we get pimples. Using a body scrub on your whole body can help keep your pores clean, thereby preventing this issue.

Additionally, if you find yourself suffering from ingrown hairs after hair removal methods like waxing or shaving, a body scrub can help there as well. By clearing out dead skin build up, there are fewer blockages, allowing your hair strands to emerge without problem.

Body scrubs are also very soothing, which is why they are often included in spa treatments. The sensation on the body, along with the pleasant scent results in a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. And now, with body scrubs you can do at home, you can bring the spa to you for a fraction of the price. Feel free to light some candles and have a little self-care session. It will help ease your mind and body.

And of course, the end result is a calmer mind and gorgeous skin. Healthy skin is a major confidence boost, which can significantly benefit you in many other aspects of your life. There are way too many benefits for you to not give body scrubs a try. And of course, sourcing your scrub at Bee Savvy Honey means you can be confident knowing only the best quality natural ingredients are going on your skin!

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