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Are we still obsessed with coconut oil?

Are we still obsessed with coconut oil?

The obsession with the coconut oil started a few years back and it does not seem to settle down. As we are turning more and more to nature and its benefits, it was expected and just a matter of time when the words and beauty routines of our grandmothers will come in handy. Well, it is the time of the coconut oil.

Still trending huge, it has found its way into the modern life – both of the shelves in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits and those benefits are now being transferred onto our skin. As an ingredient, the coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products because of its antibacterial and antifungal effect. It is excellent moisturizing oil because it penetrates in the skin better than anything else and of course, it smells divine. So, to get the most of the coconut oil, it is suggested to use raw organic virgin coconut oil which is why this is the lead ingredient in our body balms.

Here are some of the trendiest usages of our body balm, for both hair and body, that the world is currently obsessing over:


Overnight deep-conditioning
If you have read the ingredients on the back on the almost all conditioner packaging then you have come across the coconut ingredient. It is penetrating into the hair and prevents protein loss, much better than the mineral or the sunflower oil. To treat your hair at home, apply coconut oil onto your hair, comb it and then make a loose bun. Go to bed with a towel on the pillow or put on a shower cap. In the morning, wash it regularly with a shampoo and you will immediately see how softer your hair is.

Adding shine
Just a dab of our body balm will make wonders when it comes to making your hair shinier. Smooth a tiny amount between your hands and go through the ends of your hair. This will have more effect on darker hair.


Perfect pout
Our body balm
can be used for making both tinted gloss and lip scrub. For the gloss, use our body balm with some old lipstick. 

Cheek highlighting
A color and glow on the cheeks is the best picture of a healthy and glowing face and skin. Our body balm will do just the magic you need. Take a small amount of our body balm and apply it on the top of your makeup, precisely on the cheeks. Leave it just like that. That is the best highlighter you will ever have! 


Shaving cream for legs
The most regular and usual shaving creams are full of chemicals. As we are moving towards more natural beauty and skincare routine, the coconut oil is the antimicrobial ingredient that is cheap and smells great. Its soothing effect will work at the same moment of shaving, leaving your legs hydrated.

Dry hands remedy
ur body balm as a hand cream. Treat your dry hands with the oil and they will instantly become softer and hydrated.

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Heather M - July 11, 2020

I love using your Bergamont, Vanilla and Eary Grey Tea body balm for aromatherapy. I use it while doing yoga before bed…such a nice subtle scent.

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